Boat BBQ ( Sea Excursion )

Boat BBQ

( Sea Excursion )

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February 2023
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Set sail across sparkling blue waters of the Ionian Sea with Captain Theo and his friendly crew. As you
leave Corfu behind, you will see the breathtaking views of Garitsa bay and sail into the unknown.
Sunbathe on the deck or listen to the music and treat yourself with a refreshing drink. As you gently
approach a Beach on Mainland Greece for stop off so that you can sample some of the watersports
the beach has to offer or just top up your tan and sunbathe whilst smelling the beautiful aroma of
the BBQ that is beeing prepared for you by the crew. Sumptuous Meats, Fresh salads and
homemade Tzatziki will certainly awake your taste and not to forget the free wine or soft drinks you
will have with your lunch. After you will be taken over to the Blue Lagoon for a stop so that you can
have a nice relaxing swim in the open waters. A Day at the Boat BBQ is truly a day not to be missed.